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Do You Wish To Create Your Own Auction Site

If you do and want to learn how to Build a Website where other people can make a bid for services and goods. Then read on....

Create Fantastic Websites To Promote Your Auction Site and witness the many people who have succeeded with This Website Builder!

What an Impact eBay made on the internet (Goodness is it that many years ago? It just seems like yesterday when they exploded onto the internet with their brilliant concept).

Yes it certainly was a brilliant idea. They do not own their own storage depots and neither do they package, ship, offer customer support or deal with customer complaints as do the likes of Amazon and numerous other companies.

You can if you wish set up an eBay store, where they will build the store for you. They have a huge network of both buyers and sellers and then leave the software to run this network for them, effectively letting the network effect take over, whereby you and untold millions more like you are left to do all the hard work.

However, if you are wanting to sell your own personal products and goods over the internet, eBay certainly is an excellent option you can take.

Here is a word of warning though, the auction site that eBay creates for you, lives on their own domain and the Search Engines would just ignore your site, as it is just a duplicated site within eBay and without the engines.... You Get No Traffic.

You can however, overcome this by building your own small website, containing your own domain name, which you can then point to the site that eBay created for you, but we will discuss that in another article.

Here we will continue to focus on creating your very own auction site where, instead of selling on eBay and doing it the way eBay would like you to do it, you will be creating your very own Net Auction Business and doing it the way you want to do it. You would be your own boss.

It is not an overnight rags to riches dream ticket though and nothing in this website will ever endorse or suggest any get rich schemes whatsoever, because that pathway is certainly paved with all the right materials to take the poor trusting victim to misfortune, disappointment and disaster.

However, creating a Net Auction Business is an easy, low-cost pathway, full of opportunity for anyone who has the knowledge to create one, and who wants to take advantage of that knowledge, by building a real and successful online business. A Real Online Business that endures.

As with any business, whether online or offline, you need to start small. Begin by establishing in your mind that you are Building a Real Business and that, just like Rome, it will not be built in one day.

Any successful website is built around a small, well defined niche. As an example, let's suppose that you are passionate about New York.

Well New York is huge and is an extremely broad concept to tackle. It can be done, but you would need many hard working hours in the day to start competing with the many websites about New York that abound up there on the internet today.

One way to begin would be to create a website about one fairly small aspect of the city, something that a lot of people are interested in, but there is not much information to be found about it. You would then have found a popular niche.

Once you start writing excellent content about this popular niche and interested visitors start to arrive, (which they will) you can then start to expand into other areas of New York.

(I know you won't be trying to auction New York. I was using it as an example to illustrate my point. Although I do believe that London Bridge has been sold, more than once to unsuspecting tourists).

Anyway, let's return to the main theme of this article, how to build your Auction site, although the same procedure we took in New York still applies when creating a successful Net Auction Website.

Start Small with a specific site concept in mind, one that you know and love and is made up of several different categories that you can offer for auction.

Let's say I wanted to build a site selling antiques. I actually did a search for "antiques for sale" without the quotes by the way, and exactly 21 million results were returned.

I don't know if it will still be the same figure when you read this article and I know we can discount quite a lot of those figures, because everything and it's mother can show up in them, but it still left many millions of competitors to deal with.

However, if you narrowed your search down to let's say, medieval artefacts or medieval swords, figures of just over 9 million and 1,350,000 respectively were returned.

Therefore by narrowing down the central topic or subject of too broad a theme and concentrating on just one popular, in demand item initially, you could build your whole site around it.

(There are tools out there which show you the supply and demand figures for any item, which we will deal with elsewhere)

This one popular, in demand theme would make an ideal base to start your Net Auction Site, by creating a solid customer base of interested people who have found you, by using the search engines, such as Google and Yahoo as they looked specifically for medieval swords or medieval artifacts.

Begin steadily like this, keep it real and don't rush things, remember you are building a business, which if done correctly will endure for a very long time.

Instead of a sales pitch, spend time on writing good, useful content about and around the items you have put up for auction that will be of such interest to your visitors, they will keep coming back for more.

The search engines will notice this activity, recognising the increasing popularity of your site by the returning visitors and the increase in new visitors. Because of this activity they will drive more and more visitors to your site.

Once your site has evolved to this stage of popularity, as it surely will, then you can think about expansion and start to put up more historical items of interest to your customers.

Provided you keep steady, by first and foremost catering for the needs of your visitors, that means keeping them happy by your content, the products you are auctioning, then secondly keeping the search engines happy, you just cannot fail. You will be well on your way to creating your very own Net Auction Site.

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I am using SBI to build this site and my other site which caters for visitors to London England. I am presently converting that site from Block Builder 1 to BB2.

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