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Web designers are there to build websites, and there is no doubt at all that they certainly build exceptionally good looking ones. Go anywhere online to see how true that statement is. The internet is full of them.

However, sad as it may seem, too many small business owners fall into the trap of thinking that the more beautiful a website is, the more visitors it will attract, the more sales it will clock up and therefore the better it will be for them. How wrong they are. 

It may give one a boost to have the most beautiful looking website in the world, but of much more importance to an online business builder wouldn't it be preferable to have one that actually works.

Most small business owners who want a presence on the web, want that presence in order to make money, obviously, but what do most of them do?

Well they vaguely know of some one who is studying about computers, web design or something or other at college, or they look up their local yellow pages in the telephone directory for a company under the title Web Designers and become totally disillusioned when the results are hugely disappointing to say the least and even financially catastrophic.

Sadly to say the internet is full of websites that have cost business owners (most of whom are small business owners as well) a lot of money to design, but which are unfortunately, hardly ever found in the search engines.

Their mistake, is in thinking that when you build a website, you're presence has been established on the web, so 'hey presto'  it won't be too long before the money comes rolling in.

It is an unfortunate fact that far too many web designers know next to nothing about building an online business and what makes it work. Don't risk taking shortcuts. It is a business you are trying to build.

A lot of these web designers just build websites, their work ends there. It is then up to the business owner to attract visitors to the site, generate their own targeted leads, build customer confidence and therefore sales.  

You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but it is of no use to anyone if it does not achieve it's primary objective...targeted leads and sales.

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