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Why Should I Buy Site Build It?

Well, Site Build It! (SBI!) is a fully-integrated online business-building system, an all-in-1 packaged product that helps people build income-generating web sites. They provide complete hosting as well as an extensive suite of tools to help you build traffic and generate meaningful income.

They fully realized that the complexity of the technology needed in order to build a successful online business, was just way too far above most people. It is a company that is able to boast an unmatched record of success, combining software, guidance and help to anyone ( newbie and veteran alike ) who wishes to create a website with the aim of building a profitable online business.If you choose to Purchase Site Build It you will be provided with a complete video AND written Action Guide, giving you step by step instructions which together with a site builder/business builder "help and be helped" SBI! support forum, (which it claims to be the best on the web) you will have all the help and advice you will need.


Every imaginable and extremely easy to use tool, that you will ever need to build your profitable e-business is included with your initial purchase. There are no hidden costs whatsoever and no add-ons either, when someone has decided to Buy Site Build It, this new owner gains immediate access to everything after login.

As an SBI owner, you will have access to the forums and be able to pose any questions you like, chat or exchange views and get many useful tips and suggestions for your site from many other successful SBI owners. A fantastic place to learn.

SBI begins the site building process at a relatively early stage, beginning with the extremely important keyword research for your site.

SBI owners in general tend to be pretty fanatical in their support of SBI! You can read many of their success stories.

SBI! claims its customers are in the top 3% of income-producers on the internet.

Site Build It! is designed around a simple formula, which they refer to as CTPM. This stands for Content -> Traffic -> Presell -> Monetize.

Content -> Traffic -> Presell -> Monetize

When a business engages in Preselling, it is trying to build a relationship with people, by attracting the attention of what may quite possibly be potential customers. This means first of all attracting them to the merchandise they are selling and then holding on fast to that attention, not least by treating people for what they are, i.e. human beings and not just sales targets.

The same principle applies to any online business just the same as it does to an offline business.

If the offline business does not attract visitors with it's merchandise in the first place, then it will not be able to hold on to them. If the online business is not able to build traffic then it will not succeed either.

There is nothing unsound about the CTPM formula however, it is just the innate ability of the human being to screw it all up when trying to put it into practice.

If however, the website builder spends valuable time attracting visitors and holding onto their attention by creating content-rich website pages, then they will succeed and can then monetize, by those visitors clicking on ads they have placed on those content-rich pages, or by a visitor deciding to buy an affiliated product that just happens to be of interest to them.

There is no guarantee of success if you decide to Buy Site Build It, but the odds of being successful will certainly be stacked in your favour, because with the suite of tools, comes guidance, coaching and solutions to technical problems, vastly reducing any chances of mistakes being made along the way, which all adds up to SBI Site Build It being just about the best among the Best-Websitebuilders out there.

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