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It is not too difficult to build your own E-commerce website. You do not need any experience in web design, neither do you need any training in the procedure of building a website for that matter.

All you need, is to have the ability to write a page on any topic or theme that you know and love and you will be well on your way to creating your own website and your very own E-commerce business.

What Exactly Are e-goods?

The term "e-goods" is used to describe any electronic products, which because they are purely digital, are unable to be touched.

These digital products are shipped over the internet by e-mail, or can be directly downloaded from a website and to put it quite simply, if you are able to digitize it, you can most certainly sell it.

There are any number of digital products that can be created by almost anyone, such as books, photo collections, music etc., the list is endless and with no handling, packing or shipping involved, it is a low risk, low cost enterprise and the internet is an automated distribution channel over which these e-goods can be sold.

Can you write about any topic you love, for example

  • Are you a Sports Coach
  • A Fitness Expert
  • A Counsellor
  • A Consultant
  • A Historian, or just a plain old history lover
  • Are you a Hairdresser or Fashion Designer (as everyone knows, women just love innovative ideas on these topics)
  • Are you knowledgeable about antiques

It just goes on and on.

It cannot be stressed often enough, that the only way to create a successful online business, is to build your very own targeted traffic from the ground floor up... and how do you do that?

By finding, or already having, a niche/topic, similar to the ones listed above, on which you can then build a theme or niche-based business. This is how the successful e-goods sellers started out, by first of all building a solid foundation.

On the other hand, the ones who failed, were the ones who just jumped into the deep end without thinking about the consequences and created their e-goods and their sales websites too soon.

In order to get your own targeted traffic, you need to provide good quality information in your Theme-Based Content website.

This is what Searchers are looking for, they are not looking for you (not yet anyway) They are looking for what you know. That is correct, the much sought after in-demand information they are looking for is the CONTENT you provide, it is your knowledge. So give it to them.

Provide that information which your audience is looking for and by Overdelivering on that information, ie by providing more excellent answers than your visitor came for in the first place, you can be certain they will keep coming back to your site for more, rather than anyone else's.

Your Theme-Based Content website will just naturally lend itself to the sale of e-goods and a very substantial and profitable online business can be created with the right electronic-products, whether you choose to enter into
Affiliate Marketing or place Google Adsense on your web pages or not.

If you are really serious about building your own highly successful lifelong E-commerce Website/Business, one that really lasts, then I strongly recommend reading the following articles on the how's, why's and wherefore's of doing it.

It also gives you precise instructions and a solid grounding on how to use those tools, so that you build a thriving business. So successful in fact, that it will bring you in an income for life.

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Not only does it compare SBI with other web hosting companies feature-by-feature, dollar-for-dollar, but it also shows SBI can most certainly support advanced web-hosting features.

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