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How To Improve Your Overall e-mail marketing

It is very important before you start building your mailing list to ensure you have a privacy policy in place.

Without visibility on your site you will not be able to collect your customer data, therefore you will need to post visible subscription invitations on your pages.

In order to collect all this customer information, you will need to choose a remotely hosted mailing list manager, but ensure that the one you choose has an excellent reputation and will not sell the customer's details to a third party.

The mailing list manager will deal with everything for you, including the set up, the storing of information and the sending out of your emails. There are many free mailing list managers out there to choose from.

Once you have the technical stuff out of the way, your invitation box is visible and your customer list is beginning to grow, how do you keep them interested and coming back for more?

E-mail Marketing Strategies: Free Ezines

A Free ezine is an easy way to set about it. It will keep your customers informed and also build up their
level of trust in you.

There are several basic principles to be followed if you are to improve your overall email marketing strategy.

Mutual respect between two parties is the basis of any good, long term, relationship and this principle applies none more so than to that between the sender and the recipient of email in an email marketing campaign.

The First Principle is to Obtain Permission to send email. This is not an option. It is a required practice. Remember, if you use email in your business, there are anti spam laws in most countries against the sending of unsolicited emails, punishable
by heavy fines.

Some countries such as Italy have enacted tough anti-spam legislation, which has now made spamming a criminal offence.

Spamming in Italy is now punishable by up to three years in prison accompanied by heavy fines for spammers who consistently break this law and there are persistent calls for other countries to follow
suit, by enacting their own tough anti spam penalties

Having received the initial permission to add someone to your emailing list is just the beginning of gaining that respect and trust, because it needs to be present in everything that is done after the person has signed up.

Make each individual feel extra special by OVERdelivering to them personally if at all possible and giving them super value content in your ezines. Offer them some special offer which is only available to people who have subscribed to your list.

The second principle: Is the email Relevant? The Golden Rule here is to apply best practices, by only marketing to those people who have demonstrated their interest in the product or service that you are marketing and their readiness to receive your email marketing efforts.

For example, if you have a General Building company with several different trades, such as plumbing, carpentry, bricklaying etc. You could cater for the different needs of your email list by sending
relevant information only to the people who have expressed their interest in just one of those trades.

You can easily find out this information by asking them before they sign up to your mailing list, or by conducting your own survey into what interests them.

If someone had initially signed up to your email list, but is incessantly receiving emails from you on things that do not interest them in the slightest and therefore not relevant to their needs or expectations, your email is almost certain to be deleted and your email marketing efforts wasted.

Without relevancy and tiring of being bombarded with emails that don't interest them and which serve only to clutter up their in-box, the recipient will almost certainly opt-out of receiving future emails. Once that happens it is very unlikely that they will ever opt-in again.

Don't just re-use content from your website and if your ezine is more than just a site "update," (for example if you were to provide some specialized content which is related to your website's content), it will do better than content which has just been regurgitated, since there will be an additional reason to subscribe to it.

E-mail Marketing Strategies: Possible ezines you could deliver

  • New information about your site. (This is the
    easiest model to create and maintain)
  • new product/service introductions/upgrade announcements
  • brand new content exclusive to subscribers (the hardest model, since it involves creating new content, but it may make sense if subscribers are prospective clients for your high-priced services)
  • the rest is, as they say, limited only by your imagination.

E-mail Marketing Strategies: Content! Content!

Let us now take the opportunity to mention once again, the concept of content, content, content, That, as always, is where it all begins. A message which we can never tire of trying to get across.

The goal of your newsletter is to build likeability and trust, To nurture a great relationship with customers and prospects. Together with blogging, there's no better way to keep in touch with your customers (current and potential) on a regular basis.

Provide what your subscribers want to hear, not what you want to talk about. Make them look forward to receiving the next issue!

If you read all the noise about blogging nowadays, you would be forgiven for thinking that everyone has forgotten about e-zines. If they have, then that's a huge mistake.

Studies have shown that people like (yes, they LIKE) receiving e-mail they want, straight into their inbox. Create and publish an e-zine, even if it's just to update "what's new."

If you are selling a service? an e-zine is an absolute must and it must contain excellent content. The better your e-zine, the more people are impressed with your knowledge, expertise and your ability to deliver. You build credibility (yes, and that is what is called "PREselling").

E-mail Marketing Strategies: An Autoresponder

You can set up your autoresponder on autopilot. You have the ability to schedule the timing that you send out your e-mails/ezines, create compelling content and enjoy entering real conversation with your customers on an autopilot. You save time and money, maximize your engagement and conversions.

  • Welcome new subscribers, then drive them back to your website with sequential autoresponders
  • Answer questions, deliver downloads and provide product information
  • Build subsciber trust and confidence
  • No manual sending required - unlimited autoresponder software delivers emails automatically
  • Personalize emails with subscribers' names and ay other information

Repeat exposure is what you need to convince people that you are the right person they need and if content is always important (which we know it is), it is absolutely paramount, along with that repeat exposure, if you are selling your services online.

Supposing you are in the good habit of delivering a once a month ezine, with excellent content about let's say, doing business in London. Your ezine...

  • has been building the habit of dealing with you. Up you pop on time each and every month, friendly, helpful and the provider of great, topical information... you appear to be an obvious authority!
  • It makes your prospective customer like you, trust you, feel good about you and now filled full of confidence in you.
  • If and when the time comes to do business, it will be from you and not from one of your competitors, because having received that frequent and valuable information from you in your e-mail marketing strategies campaigns, they have now developed a feeling of obligation towards you. It makes sense doesn't it?

Your ezine definitely gives you Pole position towards landing those lucrative new contracts. Do it well and you will make clients for life.

Develop the skill of creating good content and deliver it to your audience in all of your e-mail marketing strategies campaigns, by injecting a touch of personality into your -mail marketing strategies campaigns. Don't leave that invaluable asset behind you in your website or blog, because it is a unique attribute you have.

It will add a genuine, rich, personable flavour to your email marketing campaigns, engaging your audience in such a way that you will never disappear from their radar screens.

It will instead enhance your reputation, making you stand out from all your competitors, whose only weapons they have in their possession to contest you with, are the usual mediocre, mundane, marketing language that most of them speak.

The very best of luck and good wishes for success in your e-mail marketing strategies campaigns.