How To Build A Website

An Easy To Follow Step By Step Guide On How To Build A Website

This article on How To Build A Website, has been compiled with a newbie, or should we say layperson in mind. If you consider yourself belonging to that category of person, then it is very much recommended that you read the whole of it from start to finish.

It covers extremely important information on domain name selection and domain name registrations.

Get Domain Name Then Register Your Domain:

Choosing a suitable domain name is the first step you should take in the process of getting your website online.

This name will be the address of your website. For example this website that you are currently reading has the domain name "".

Notice how the domain name I chose, is also the name of my website. So whenever someone types in "" or "" my website will pop-up and appear to them.

Surprisingly, it does not follow that all the website names you see on the internet have the same name as their domain.

However, it is very important that you should not rush into choosing a name, just because you want to get your site up on the internet as soon as you possibly can.

Slow And Steady Is How To Build A Website

Taking your time now will save you an awful lot of work later on. I will be repeating that phrase endlessly in this step by step guide, for the simple reason, that you need to embed it on your mind.

As we all know those words hold true, not just for the purpose of creating a website, but for every single step we takein our lives.

Another thing to remember is that the aquisition of a domain name does not automatically aquire you a website or business. A domain name is just that, a name. It is not a business premises.

Once you have registered your domain name you will choose your web host.


You should very carefully evaluate What your website is all about, taking your time in doing so. Patience will always pay dividends in the long term. Consider What is going to be your angle of approach.


A web host is a company who provides space on a server, which they either lease or own, for use by their clients and who provide connectivity to the internet in a data centre.

Where aquiring a domain name is the aquivalent of getting a business name, a web hosting account is the equivalent of renting an office, factory or shop premises in which to house your business.

Your domain name will be registered on an annual basis, prices ranging, anything from $10 to as much as an absolutely ridiculous price of $45 by some companies for providing exactly the same services.


After successfully acquiring your domain name and selecting a web host, you are now in position to start designing your web site.

The very essence of earning money on the internet through your website site, is to deliver what your readers and the search engines want....valuable, impressive content.


Let us look at each of them, one by one....
YOUR VISITORS: It is essential that you OVERdeliver for your visitors, by providing them with what they are looking for, high value and original subject matter, the best information you can.


The Search Engines also have to win. They do this by producing quality search results for the internet surfer, by delivering what the searcher is looking for, i.e. the most relevant search results that are available out there on the internet.

Therefore, if your website provides what an internet surfer is looking for, then it is adding value to the Search Engine's product.

The end result is a satisfied searcher who will automatically build a growing trust in that particular search engine to deliver the best information over and over, again and again.


monetization plans is to join the Google Adsense Programme, then by defining each one of your content pages on one topic, it will enable Google to deliver contextually relevant ads. to that page, making people or organizations who place ads. with Google happy.

Have you got Merchant-Partners with affiliate programmes? This too is an excellent way to monetize your site. You want sales, your partner wants sales. Writing top quality content, which gains your visitors confidence is the best way to get these sales.

How? By using "in-context" text links to recommend and direct your visitors to your Merchant-Partner's websites.

Having already pre-sold your visitor, by writing excellent content extolling the virtues of your partner's products, your enthusiasm will shine through putting your visitor in the ready-to-buy mindset.


OVERdelivering to your visitors is one of the essential lessons you need take in when learning How To Build A Website. It will build trust and confidence in you and in your visitors, who will undoubtedly grow to like you, ensuring that they will return again and again.

As a beginner, the best advice I can give you, is to get something uploaded onto the internet. There will be plenty of time for editing and fine-tuning your first page after it has been uploaded.

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