How To Use WordPress

Learn How To Use WordPress With This WordPress Tutorial

WordPress is an Open Source blogging tool, which offers a rich set of features together with a large supporting community. Now that you have decided to use it and have it installed, we will run through how to use it.

With WordPress there is an easy to use and easy to understand interface from where you will be able to compose a post and with just a few clicks, publish it on your website!

There are many free WordPress themes available for you to choose from, the look and feel of which you can easily customize.

Before using WordPress though, you will need to sign-up with a Web Host that allows you to install the WordPress script on your Domain Name.

Most Web Hosts today come with a C Panel or similar, which will allow you to install WordPress, literally in a matter of seconds.

How To Use WordPress
1) Login To The Administration Panel

The first thing you need to do is to log into the WordPress administration area. This you can do by navigating to the WordPress login page, or you can type in the URL you have been given, directly into your browser.

  • Your URL will look like this:

You will then be taken to the Dashboard in the administration area. It is from this Dashboard, that you will be writing your articles/posts, managing comments, changing your theme, uploading your images and videos etc. It is where everything happens.

Once in the Dashboard look for a design for your new site. To do this, click on the appearance tab which is located on the left hand side of the Dashboard, about half way down. Click on it,then from the box which opens up, click on themes.

Go to the top and click on install themes. You now have the choice of colour for your theme, the number of columns you want and whether you want them to be of a fixed or flexible width. You will also have an array of features to choose from.

Once you have decided on all of those, go to the bottom and click on Find Themes. A selection of different themes now appear before you.

You can preview these themes and when you have decided on the theme you want, simply click on the install theme button located immediately below it and it will be automatically installed by WordPress right on to your site.

A page will appear to tell you that WordPress has successfully installed the theme. Just underneath that message, click on the Activate button and that's it. You are all set to publish your content.

How To Use WordPress
2) Writing Your Post Or Article In WordPress

To begin, click the Add New button which is found under Posts in the left hand menu column. Name it New Post in the Title Block. Your editing bar then appears with all the usual functions B (Bolden), I (Italic), Strike Throughs, Unordered List, Ordered/Numbered List etc.

Now enter your quality content, save it and preview it. To add an image/picture, just click on the Upload/Insert button, immediately above the editing bar. Select your image from the image library that appears, save it, preview it and publish it by clicking on the Publish button.

Your new post then appears in reverse chronological order (ie your newest posts always appears at the top) (anchor link to or website.html).

How To Use WordPress
2) Adding A New Page To Your Site

Pages as opposed to posts are the likes of your About Me page, Blog page, FAQ page and Support page etc. We will now add a Contact page. To do so click on the pages link in the left hand navigation column, then click on Add New in the box that appears and name it Contact in the title bar at the top.

Enter How to Contact Us in the content box (or whatever it is you want to write there), Preview, Save and Publish. Your new page title, Contact Us will now appear in the Menu Bar.

What if you want to delete one or all of your pages and create a New Menu. Return to your Admin. Panel and click on Appearance then menus. Locate the plus sign at the top right hand side of the Admin Panel, right next to WPLOOK Main Menu. Name this New Menu that you are about to create in the block entitled Menu Name.

You can use either internal links to pages already on your site or to external. In the Custom Links Box, type the URL you wish to link to and then click on Add to Menu, then it's title in the Lable Box and Save. These links will now show up in the centre of your panel.

Under where it says Theme Locations, your theme supports etc., Select which menu you would like to use. Type the name you gave to your New Menu in the WPLOOK Main Navigation and click on Save. Return to your site and you will see your New Menu Bar installed there.

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