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How to Increase Website Traffic And Build a High Traffic Website or Blog

In order to increase website traffic and build a high volume of traffic to your website or blog, you must first of all focus on building your very own free traffic and this free traffic is absolutely essential if it is your dream to establish your own online business.

So what exactly do we mean by free traffic, you may be asking yourself?

Well, there is what is known as Pay-Per-Click advertising, where you sign up with the likes of Google and buy Pay-Per-Click ads whereby Google will place your adverts on other peoples sites and each time someone clicks on that advert they will be sent to your site, becoming a visitor and you will be charged a fee.

There are many other ways for you to increase website traffic, such as opening an eBay, Amazon or a Yahoo store, but this is not FREE traffic and as I explain in another article, it can result in the likes of eBay actually owning you.

The amount of traffic this approach will bring you is minimal, so don't expect large amounts of traffic and returns on investment by opening your own store, by soley relying on it to bring traffic to you.

Now please don't get me wrong when I say that, because it is absolutely fine to open up one of these stores in order to supplement your incoming FREE traffic and related earnings.

Bare in mind however, your business will be finished when your traffic stops on the day you stop paying these companies. So how do you go about building your own free traffic?

Increase Website Traffic By Creating Valuable Content For Your Visitors

You must give your visitors whatever it is they are looking for and that is.... information....the best possible information.

You have to be the person who delivers that high quality solution to whatever it is they are looking for, and by doing that you will determine in your visitor's mind, that you are an expert in your field and one who they can trust.

This will more or less ensure they are not rushing back to the search engines, who will see that visitor's behaviour in hastening to leave your site in order to look for someone else's information. When your website provides what searchers are looking for, you are automatically adding a certain amount of value however small, to that Engine's prestige.

If however, you do anything at all to damage the Search Engine's prestige, once again, however small, (because both the relevance and quality of their search results are their product. It is their BUSINESS, the Reason they are there) they will in return hurt you, make no mistake about that.

A Search Engine's real customers are the advertisers. These are the people the Engine's have to attract and keep happy by attracting an ever growing and loyal base of users, who the Search Engines also have to attract and keep happy, because they are the ones who will be clicking on the advertiser's ads and making the purchase.

And how do they do that? Through you, who by providing Valuable, Good Quality Information, attract and keep that loyal base of users. The Engine's in return will reward you by sending an ever increasing amount of traffic to your website.

When you give your visitor all the information they are seeking and More besides, you are OVERdelivering.

By giving them more than they are actually looking for you will delight them. Not only will they come back looking for more information from your website when they need it, but you will have ensured that they will keep coming back as Repeat Visitors. You will have attracted an evergrowing army, full of confidence, trust and likability in you and if your website is a business website, by this PREselling, you will have created more, evergrowing monetization opportunities.

So, by doing everything right you will be keeping your Visitors, Search Engines, Advertisers and of course Yourself happy, because as your site grows, with more and more positive response from humans, you will be rewarded with higher and higher rankings which will increase website traffic and you will never be banned.

It is a Win! Win! Win! Win! situation for all four parties involved.

Focus clearly on just one topic per page of your website and if your plan is to join Google's Adsense programme, then Google will be able to place "in-context" relevant text links on these pages, which will in turn make any advertisers with Google happy.

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