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How To Make Money With Clickbank

Please Note: This article is fairly long, but please take your time and read it all. There is a lot of information in it.

Clickbank is an excellent way to earn affiliate commissions, but it has to be done the right way. Oh yes! There is a correct method if you want to make money with Clickbank and there is most certainly a wrong way.

Let us start this article by dealing with the wrong way first of all. Too many affiliates just starting out, will select a product, spend out money advertising that product and maybe (if they are lucky), have success in sending one customer to their merchant's landing page. That one customer, will more than likely never be seen again.

Another problem with this method that some affiliates choose, is that they will have to keep spending money on advertising their chosen product, because once their spending stops, what few customers they did succeed in sending to the merchant landing page, will also stop.

There are so many affiliates, who having taken this course, then shout Scam when the inevitable happens to them.

Well! Let me tell you, Clickbank is Not a scam and we will show you the correct method of how to make money with Clickbank. Repeat business is the key to success with Clickbank just as it is with any business, whether it is online or offline. So how do you achieve this?

  1. Choose products which are relevant to the visitors in your own niche, Not because they have high commission rates. Although this seems obvious, it is surprising just how many affiliates do make that mistake.
  2. Don't choose any tatty, extremely low quality, "Get Rich Quick" books to offer to your hard won audience, who may have come to trust you, but who will drop you a lot quicker, if you start to offer them trite like that, especially if after trusting you, they finish up by buying rubbish which turned out to be of absolutely no value to them whatsoever.
  3. Create your own free Ebook which you can then give away to anyone who will sign up to receive your newsletter/ezine.
  4. Create a squeeze page to which you will send traffic, instead of sending them directly to your merchant's landing page.
    (Squeeze pages are landing pages created to obtain opt-in email addresses from prospective subscribers)
  5. You then have captured that lead who comes to the landing page.
  6. Use autoresponders to deliver your high quality newsletters/ezines.

Once you have your very own list of subscribers to your newsletter/ezine, who have agreed to receive these communiques from you, then you will have your very own customer base, to whom you can now market products to, for as long as they stay on your list, weeks, months or maybe even years ahead.

To become a successful Clickbank affiliate, it is an absolute must that you build your very own newsletter/ezine list. That will be the very foundation of your Clickbank affiliate marketing business. Your very own solid customer base on which you will grow your business. Without this customer base you will most assuredly fail.

Before you can acheive your list and therefore your customer base, you must first of all, have built up relevant targeted traffic to your website or blog. This is the very basis of succeeding with Clickbank. Without traffic (and I mean lots of it) you will not succeed.

Make Money With Clickbank. Write Content Content Content And Presell Presell Presell
Concentrate your early months on building your website. Attract many visitors, by writing excellent content about your chosen niche/topic, which will keep coming them back for more.

As this loyal following keeps growing, entice them to sign up to your opt-in email lists. Keep writing more and more content.Make

Don't let anything else, such as monetizing your site by placing Google adsense on your pages, linking to Clickbank products or any other affiliate products, distract you from your immediate goal just yet, it is too early. Just keep writing content, content, content at this stage and then, yes you have guessed it, more content.

When the time comes for you to introduce Clickbank affiliate products on to your site,

  1. Choose just a handful of affiliate products that are related to your site's theme or topic and which you like.
  2. Try them for yourself. You can buy a product and if you don't like it you can ask for a refund under the 60 Day Clickbank money back guarantee. However, be fair in this. Only ask for a refund if you genuinely don't like the product.
  3. PREsell these products by writing reviews about them. Tell your visitors the good parts and the bad parts. What you like and what you don't like about them.
  4. Compare them with other products you are reviewing and be fair and honest about them in your reviews.

If you don't like a product, then don't promote it, it is as simple as that, no matter how big the commission rate is. Always be honest in your dealings, If you are not honest, then woe betide you and your prospective business, because if your visitors buy a product and find they have been missled, then that will be the end.

The loyal following you have worked so hard to attract and who signed up to your opt-in-emails list will leave you in droves, not trusting you any more.

So PREsell, PREsell, PREsell with honesty and then subtely place a link to your products when you are getting Decent traffic and your visitor is now in a buying mood.

In order to Make Money with Clickbank, or any other affiliate product, whatever you do, never bombard your visitors with sales pitches. That is the biggest turn off there is and the only result you will get is your visitor racing for the back button, never to return.

OK, So your prime goal is to attract visitors to your website and once you have succeeded in doing that you want to keep them. You achieve that by continually creating great content.

To do this, concentrate on Building Your Website around a Topic you Know and Love. Write good content that provides answers and information on subjects that searchers are scouring the internet to find.

Give them even more information than they were actually seeking and by Overdelivering, they will come to know you, like you and rely on you in the future, continually coming back to you for more information.

These returning visitors will read the review articles that you write about Clickbank products, they will trust your recommendations and they will also be in a buying mood through you preselling a product in your articles.

Keep encouraging these visitors to sign up to your opt-in lists by offering them good free gifts which are of value to them. As this list continues to grow you will be able to keep them in touch with new Clickbank products as soon as they come on the market, or any other affiliate products for that matter.

This article teaches you how to make money with Clickbank, but it takes work and is not an overnight money maker or get rich quick scam.

It can, and will be an excellent long term business investment for you, provided you have got the dedication, patience, brain, motivation and determination to succeed. It is very very doable.

Remember the best way to make money with Clickbank, or to be a success in affiliate marketing is first of all to build yourself a niche website, about a topic you know and love.

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