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When this book was first published way back in 1999, it was immediately lauded as being "The BIBLE of selling on the Net"   and cost the princely sum of $17.

The people who gave it that title could justifiably have been called prophets, because up until then, there had just been a mere trickle (compared with today, that is) of marketing manuals and courses, promising the full knowledge of the internet and all kinds of riches to those people who subscribed and bought.

Since 1999, there have been an untold number of these Utopian tomes of wisdom, appearing on our computer screens, in a seemingly never ending stream of internet marketing wisdom, which in actual fact is just rubbish.

Admittedly there are some genuinely good books, written by some well established and authoratative authors to be found on the internet as well, but these books are being swamped by books which are quite literally utter garbage, made up from material their authors have scraped together from other peoples hard won and well founded knowledge.

Even some of the genuine books which may have had some truth in them years ago simply do not work today, due to the rapid advances that have and are being made, in just about every industry nowadays and Internet Marketing is not to be excluded from that list.

So, as in any other industry, you have to be absolutely sure in your own mind that the person who is leading you, is truly an expert in their field, before you listen to them or start parting with your money.

Ken Evoy is one of those experts you can trust. He developed his idea the long and hard way.

Ken knew that there is no difficulty in building a website nowadays, but what he also realised, was that most people, including Webmasters, are just incapable of overcoming all the technical aspects of building a successful online business.

They cannot bring a website to life because they are unable to attract  traffic to it, the very lifeblood it needs to generate that life. Therefore, whether it is instant or slow, it suffers death.

He realized that people need more than just updated information all the time, so MYSS! 2002 was the final update and instead, Make Your Site Sell! MYSS! from that moment on, evolved into SBI!..

Prior to SBI! Ken, who is a Canadian Physician, taught and practiced medicine in Montreal, Canada. He also had the gift for designing toys and games which he was able to sell to large companies, turning this gift of his into millions of dollars in royalty fees.

In his spare time... HMMM!! Well he found time to develop a hobby of his, into a successful investing strategy in a highly specialized niche market. Despite hardly using the strategy, he was able to turn a $5,000 experimental stake into more than $150,000.

When he decided to try and sell his investing software, he realized the task that lay ahead and the near impossibility of being able to sell it, so he designed a site and thought of a way to attract targeted traffic.

It was a huge challenge which was to earn Ken over $1000 dollars a day, with some days even more than $5000.

It was a system that developed into a tight, trial and error, net-selling process, which worked then and still does today. It doesn't matter what you are trying to sell on the internet, it will work for you.

That hard fought, battle hardened, tight, trial and error process became Make Your Site Sell! (MYSS!) "The Bible of Selling on the Net"

The SiteSell business has come on in leaps and bounds since those early days and has matured into what it is today. Now, as it continues to grow ever so rapidly, they  constantly hone and refine their immensely successful Internet Marketing techniques, day by day.

Now you can benefit from those years of hard won experience, for Ken explains in minute detail, why most websites fail and therefore don't sell their products. He goes on to demonstrate, very easily and step by step, exactly how to make your site successful and therefore how to get the sale.

This Make Your Site Sell (MYSS!) manual, is an excellent reference book to have in your armoury and constantly at your side as you are building your business.

The "Big 3" ie Content, Traffic and PREselling (described in MYSS!) which tell you how you can:

  • Develop a great product
  • Build a Website that Sells
  • Attract targeted traffic to your website...

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