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This book was written by two very extraordinary men. Ken Evoy, the Chairman, founder and outstanding brain behind SBI! and Joe Robson, the outstanding Internet Copywriter, who got together to write this most complete, compelling and reliable book on copywriting.

They start off simply by explaining, how it is the written word which sells, not graphics, for although a pretty picture can certainly set the ball rolling, it can't sell a product on it's own merits, without those all important accompanying words, whereas words without a graphic can. But once those words have grabbed your prospective customers attention, can they then hold onto it.

It is being able to grab hold of some one's attention, having the ability to keep hold of it and then understanding how to persuade those visitors to become customers that makes (MYWS!) such a compelling diamond of a book to read that it is.

As Ken Evoy says, "Formal writing training is not necessary. You just need an easy-to-follow method and a few proven tools to write words that sell on the Web ... There's nothing magical or complicated about it, no special 'genetic gifts' required ... it's the simple, powerful art of e-persuasion."

This book is a definitive guide on how to do all of that. It describes in an easy to understand way how to sell your products, some one else's products or your own services on the Internet.

It teaches you the art of how to write powerfully persuasive sales copy for the Internet that grabs your visitors attention and then holds rigidly onto it, persuading them that what you have on offer, is exactly what they want, motivating them into action and getting you the sale.

But (MYWS!) does much, much more than tutor you in the art of becoming a successful Web copywriter. It shows you how to become your customer, by stepping into their shoes-so that you know exactly what it is they want, keeping one step ahead of them all the time.

From the very first moment your visitor, he or she enters your site, each word, paragraph and page will transform them into an eager, ready to buy customer, just as (MYWS!) transformed you into an accomplished copywriter who knew exactly how to write in order to sell.

This is one product that you most definitely should have in your cabinet. Make sure you read it from cover to cover. Read it again and again and again and digest it. You will be glad that you did .

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