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The Most Important Steps to take in the process of Online Email Marketing.

There are many ways one can monetize their website and the purpose of this particular website is to discuss as many of these ways as we can.

Whether you want to become a Work At Home Mother (WAHM) who is looking to supplement the family income while the children are at school, or maybe you are approaching retirement age and are looking for ways to supplement your pension.

There are many signs that an enormous amount of people who are approaching pensionable age, are indeed seriously considering this option out of fear and/or necessity. A great many of these people are succeeding too.

Take a look at this couple who decided to do it. For Jose and Jill Ferrer, ages 61 and 56, respectively, it's the whole ball of wax. When they retired from that spanned nearly three decades at AT&T, they sold their townhouse in Randolph, N.J., for about $360,000 and hit the road.

We will discuss the many different online business opportunities there are for different age groups and different circumstances, elsewhere on this website, but the purpose of this article is to examine the many ways there are to advertise your business.

Online Email Marketing - 1) You must first of all grow your subscriber list.

Visitors to your website sign-up to your mailing list by simply filling in the subscription form (similar to the one at the top of the right hand column on this page)

You can attract them to subscribe to your ezine/mailing list by offering them something of value, such as a free eBook or discount coupon when they sign-up to receive your newsletter.

Make sure you set-up an autoresponder to send them the free gift as soon as, or shortly after they subscribe.

2) Realise the full potential of your Click-Through Rates

It is widely accepted that a simple, emboldened, blue, underlined text link, (just like that) rather than banners and buttons get much higher response rates from the majority of internet users, meaning more conversions and sales for your product, as your subscribers increase their click through rates.

Online Email Marketing - 3) Double opt-in: Sign-Up Confirmation

Spamming is illegal in many countries, with heavy penalties (including gaol terms in certain countries) incurred, for contravening their spamming laws.

Be certain that you provide a double opt-in procedure. There is no other option to take if you want to avoid being accused of spamming.

IMPORTANT: I covered Anti-Spamming here in the Email Marketing Strategies Article

Double opt-in is the process of sending everyone who subscribes to your list a confirmation email which contains a link taking them back to your email marketing programme, confirming that they did in fact, sign up to your ezine/mailing list.

4) Ensure There Is A One-Click Unsubscription

Once again for your own personal protection, look upon this rule as mandatory everywhere, as it is indeed mandatory in many countries. Therefore assume it is mandatory everywhere and you can't go wrong.

This unsubscribe link should take your email/ezine recipient to a page where they will immediately be removed from your mailing list.

If you provide this opt-out procedure in a friendly manner, it will help to grow your list rather than deplete it.

Online Email Marketing - 5) Be personable in Your Correspondence

This should go without saying, but it is surprising just how many people ignore this simple and courteous way of communicating with people they email.

If at all possible address the person by their first name. You will be amazed at how positively people react to being addressed in this simple and polite way. Both your audience and your Click-Thru Rates will absolutely soar, beyond your expectations.

Addressing people as friends make them feel they already know you and what is more, they also feel they have a relationship with you.

6) Repeat Exposure with continuous follow-up emails

Use an autoresponder in order to keep to a set time schedule. It is an indispensible way to send your follow up newsletters to your list of subscribers who have opted-in to your mailing list. In this way you will keep them up to date and provide more information on your goods or services.

There are several ways you can use autoresponders and they are invaluable in building up that essential relationship, built on trust in you. It is a tremendous help when you come to the point of trying to close a sale.

Online Email Marketing - 7) Consistent and On Time

Ensure that your newsletters always arrive on time, on the same day each week, or each month, depending on the time scales you have set, but always consistent.

If for example you decided to send your newsletters out on Tuesday at say 9 am, Stick to that time always. Your list expects to receive that newsletter at the same time, on the same day, every week or month and will be more receptive and responsive to any promotions or special offers you have for them.

Try To Grab Their Interest the Moment They Receive Your Email

Always make your subject line look appealing to them by stressing the benefits afforded to them, if they actually read your email. Subjects in the form of 'Financial Freedom for Retirees'. Always try to grab their interest when they first receive your email.

  • (By the way, according to research, undertaken to ascertain the best days to send out newsletters, it appears that mid-week, either Tuesdays or Wednesdays, are the best days to send your mail-outs to your list.
  • However, I am of the opinion that your own best times will be unique to your own list and also to your market. The best thing you can do is to test, analyze and adjust to whatever is suitable to yourself and your subscribers.)

8) Your Own Personal Signature

One of the most popular and easiest ways to attract more visitors to your website is to include your own signature at the bottom of All your emails.

This signature should contain your personal details, details about your company, together with your unsubscribe link and you can use this Signature Link as a link back to your website.