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Online Marketing Scams And How To Avoid Them.
Anything you see advertising the following, "Internet Marketing," make hundreds or thousands, even millions of dollars or whatever other currency, by "Internet Marketing," should be avoided like the plague.

Internet Surveys, Get Paid To Surf, Get Paid To Read emails, they are everywhere you look on the internet. These scams claim that is all you need to do and they will pay you every week or month, or whatever.

They usually require you to pay money to them before you start, with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. That is pure poppeycock. Just one of many Online Marketing Scams They know human nature only too well.

Before you would even qualify for that refund you are normally required to have performed a certain number of tasks and that is just to qualify.

They fully realise that most people simply can't be bothered to go through a long and complicated procedure, to get their money back, especially after going through the rigmarole of completing all those set tasks in the first place, just to qualify for a refund.

They normally take the easiest option and give up. The sad part about all of this is that a person really can make money online and yes, they can make enough to quit their 9 to 5 job.

However, they must be motivated, be prepared to work hard and steer clear of buying into any of those ridiculous scams that only succeed in parting them from their money.

This is money which they have truly wasted, money which could have been sensibly invested elsewhere, such as the purchase of a Real product that they like, which they will use, which they will get to know thoroughly and which they could then go on to promote in a thoroughly legitimate affiliate marketing venture.

Now fully armed and with a thorough knowledge of the product they can confidently proceed to successfully market that product online. The only way to be a successful affiliate.

Some of these Dubious Internet Marketers, have and still are making large sums of money off many unsuspecting customers, even foolish customers who have a gut feeling that something is not right about the programme, but still go ahead and purchase.

Remember this, If you even think, there is something wrong about the programme, then trust your own judgement, because it is probably a million to one chance that your own judgement is correct and it is another of the Online Marketing Scams.. Don't purchase.

This advice should be common sense to anyone, but clearly and quite unfortunately it is not. There are many, many people, who after decades of such scams being offered, are still being sucked into these Get Rich Schemes.

The scams I remember, long before the internet came along were: How to make money by "stuffing envelopes," which were advertised in many shop windows throughout the country.

Then there were those fraudulent "pyramid schemes," with uplines and downlines. Don't confuse Pyramid schemes with MLM Marketing, they are two different things entirely.

What Pyramid Schemes are and how they Work

Pyramid schemes are extremely risky "Get Rich Schemes" and are illegal systems in most countries throughout the world. They offer to "Make you Money" by your recruitment of others into the scheme.

These fraudulent schemes have unfortunately cost many thousands of poor victims on a worldwide scale, their life savings. You Do Not Get Rich Quick.

Pyramid Schemes are non-sustainable business concepts which instead of supplying products or services in exchange for money, promise the hapless victim, money for enrolling other people into the scheme.

The whole concept is driven by nuturing the belief that the founder, a "Con Artist" makes only one payment.

To start the ball rolling and to also start earning from the scheme, this con artist has to recruit other like minded people as himself. They also make one payment each.

Each one of these new recruits has then to go on to recruit other recruits who make payments, from which the founder, the original con artist himself, gets a percentage from each and every one of them, and so on. His ill gotten gains grow exponentially as the business grows.

The flaw or con, should we say and it is a very big flaw/con in the large scale scams is that there is no benefit at all at the end for the ordinary investor in the scheme, the money just travels up the pyramid to the "Con Man" sitting at the top and a very associates sitting maybe just on the the level below him.

These few people at the top can make some very large sums of money, but as you descend down the pyramid you make no money at all. You end up losing possibly all the money you had in the world.

It has been estimated that 90% of investors in these pyramid Online Marketing Scams lose their money. A very large proportion of people indeed. It is so important therefore that you should be able to recognize the characteristics of these so-called investment plans for what they are, downright scams.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

In Multi-Level Marketing, people are recruited in order to sell a product or service which actually has an intrinsic value.

You have the choice of making a profit from the sale of the product or service by yourself without recruitng people below you


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