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Opt-In Email Lists are also known as:

  • Squeeze Pages
  • Subscription Pages
  • Sign-up Pages and
  • Lead Capture Pages

Email lists or Squeeze pages are landing pages created to obtain names and email addresses from prospective subscribers. These email lists will be the foundation on which you will build your email marketing campaign.

Why Is An Opt-In Page called a Squeeze Page

It is designed with the object of attracting a visitor to your website to sign up to your subscription list, by giving their name and email address in return for a free gift.

There should be nothing else for your visitors to do on that page other than to offer their email address. Their name and email address have been squeezed out of them.

It is a word I personally don't like to use because it infers that you are forcing something out of your visitor. However, it is what everybody is using so I
suppose we are really stuck with it.

How Do You Make Money From Squeeze Pages

Squeeze Pages do tend to have very good conversion rates of around 20% over time, because these visitors remain on your list, whereas the conversion rates for a good sales page where your visitors have not joined your list, are around 1%. A big difference.

However, if a good conversion rate of the 20% of visitors to sales is around 25% then a quarter of your list members could then be expected to convert to a sale. (PLEASE NOTE that these figures are Not guaranteed)

When translated into cash these figures would look something like this:

If you were making a figure of let's say, £10 per week without a list, then that figure could possibly turn into £40 per week.

However, Please Understand, And I Can't Say This Often Enough. It All Depends On You, Yourself, As To How Much You Earn. We are only saying how much Could Be Earned by having an opt-in list. It still depends on how good your marketing is.

There is a good chance that some of your visitors may hesitate and shy away from signing up to your list, but over time, there is still that big chance of the 5% of your list actually buying from you.

What Constitutes Opt-In Email Lists/Squeeze Pages?

  • What You Have promised to Give The Visitor Who Signs Up
  • The Headline: This is very important. Make sure it is an attention grabber.
  • The Content: Write compelling content about the benefits your visitor will get if they opt-in to your mailing list.
  • The opt-in form.
  • The Mailing System. Connected to an Autoresponder.
  • A Thank You Page
  • Keeping Your Promise: You Must Give The Subscribers Whatever It Was You Promised To Give To Them In Exchange For Them Signing up To Your Opt-In Emailing Lists.
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