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Things To Consider Before you Register Your Domain

Before you Register Domain take your time in choosing the right one. This is critical.

The first step to take in building your website is to Register Domain. The domain name is the address of your site, so if someone types in " Or simply ", they will arrive at your website.

It is an address which is unique to you and no-one else, conveying your very own brand, therefore it should contain your business name and main keyword. So take the time to choose your name wisely. The Domain Name of this site you are presently perusing is "".

The .com extension is by far the most popular domain extension out there, but there are many others to choose from such as .net; .org;; .biz; .ws; .us; and so on.

You first of all check through a domain name registrar or a hosting provider (online) to check if the name you have chosen is available, if it is available then simply register it. If it isn't, then try adding letters, numbers or words to it.

For example: if is not available, try or You can also use dashes between words such as

Which is easier to read? or...

Use the dashed version (even if the domain name only has two words in it) if the un-dashed version is unavailable. However, ensure that you will not be violating anyone's trademark.

Remember Domain names are so cheap that it is a good idea to take both dashed and un-dashed versions of the domain name.

This is just as applicable to the same name domains with different extensions like .net; .org etc. just to make sure that a competitor's domain name will not be confused with yours. One domain can always be pointed to the main one.

The shorter and more memorable the domain name is, the better. However, you don't have to be too slavish to that guideline as long as you keep it as short and as memorable as you possibly can, 2-3 words should be fine as long as it is readable.

Cater for both your Human Visitors and the Search Engines by reflecting the overall theme of your site's content accurately in your domain name. You won't go wrong if you meet the needs of both your human visitors and the search engines as we demonstrate in our example of

  • For Your Human Visitors: A marketing word such as (e., "Best")
  • And For The Search Engines: Your Site Concept Keyword (ex., "Webdesigner")

A good domain name should be as sharp and as short as possible, containing your Site Concept keyword for spider visitors.(eg the name of this site is Best-Websitebuilders, named after the Domain Name and it is also the Site Concept Keyword).

Ideally it should be kept to as few words as possible, while still containing your Valuable PREselling Proposition (VPP) for human visitors and should end with either ".com," ".net" or ".org" (by far, the best regarded by surfers).

A Valuable PREselling Proposition ("VPP") should supply the answers to, what information does your site deliver and what is your angle of approach? By far the best way to do that is to include your VPP in your domain name!

Don't over elaborate here, just include your Site Concept keyword and add the VPP "marketing angle/theme" to it. Make your VPP/site concept absolutelyl-clear to your human visitor. This will in turn please the search engines, who will reward you by ranking your site a touch higher when your Site Concept keyword is included in your domain name.

To name your site after its domain name is very important, because when people have visited your website and like what they see, they'll think of the website they liked by name.

If your domain name is also your URL, they'll automatically know where to go. When people think of, they don't have to ponder about what the URL is as the name of the site is also the URL.

To come up with the best domain name for your website and business, will take some creative thinking, so please don't rush this important step.

Register Domain - Should You Use Dashes In Your Domain Name?

Well! Which one of these is easier to read? or...

If both of the versions of a 3-4 word domain are available and since the search engines usually treat a dash as a space, then use dashes, they also make word breaks more obvious to the human eye.

Dashes are much less important if your domain is comprised of only two words. For example and don't need a dash, but if the domain name you like has two words and the non-dash version is already being used by someone else, then use the dashed version. But be sure that you are not violating anyone's trademark before you register your domain.

Register Domain

However, domain names are very cheap, so it would probably be a good idea to buy both, with and without the dash, just to make certain that your competitors do not take any names which could easily be confused with your domain name. You can always make one domain point to the main one. Now take a look at our web hosting Tips

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