Using SBI BB2

Using SBI BB2, This fantastic new tool is all I need to build my new website and give my first website a much needed face over.

After a lot of deliberation, I finally began to build this website, towards the end of June this year 2012, but over the last 2 months I have badly neglected it.

The reason for this temporary pause in carrying out, what I consider to be a most important work, (simply because I enjoy doing it) was that I had made the decision, rightly or wrongly, to overhaul my other website,

I had first decided upon this extremely hard but very important task at the beginning of this year, but it was a decision that I knew, would be far harder to implement, because of the enormous amount of work it would take to carry it out.

I began by deleting 27 pages, something that in normal circumstances you should never do. The reason being, as you may recall, (if you have read other articles which appear on this website and on the Best-Websitebuilders blog), that Content Is King.

Content Being King is something which I will be stressing in future articles I write. Articleswhich will be appearing on this website and the Best-Websitebuilders Blog. It is somethng which I have found out the hard way.

Unless pages are meant to be of a temporary nature they should never be deleted. Updating pages that have been in existance for a long time, do better in the rankings than creating new ones. Renaming pages also has the same effect.

Hey! you may or may not be thinking, Why then did he delete those pages?

At this point before we proceed any further, let me impress that it was not necessary to delete all of those pages and even now I miss them, just like you may miss a possession you have had for many years but have unfortunately lost.

However, apart from missing them (just a bit of nostalgia on my part) I have no missgivings whatsoever about deliberatelely deleting them because, I first of all knew that my site needed a thoroughly good Spring Cleaning.

Once that Spring Cleaning decision had been made, I then decided to implement an idea I had been harbouring in my mind for well over a year, which was to approach my site concept, a-london-tourist-guide, from a totally different angle and by Using SBI BB2, a brand New Tool.

Most of the pages I deleted from my website were my affiliate monetizing pages. I have changed some of my previous affiliate networkink partners and am trying out a couple of new ones. We will just have to wait and see how these work out over time.

My main job at the moment is to concentrate on building these two websites I have and believe me that takes up most of my time.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am retired now, I reached retirement age nearly 3 years ago and have spent most of that time doing just that, trying to build one website,

  • Take note all of you retirees out there. If you have any spare time on your hands and you are looking for a very interesting hobby to take up, then why not build a website, just like I am doing. If you have any other interesting hobby/hobbies that you know and love, then why not turn it/them into a Profitable Online Business.
  • The same goes for you work at home moms. Now that the Summer Holidays have finished and the children are back at school (at the time of writing, 28/08/2012, i.e 28th August 2012). Do you have special interests that you know and love. You can also Download this Free WAHM Masters Course here.
  • You can also build these websites byUsing SBI BB2, a Fantastic New Tool

I live in London and have spent half of my new found free time, traveling about the city, refreshing, revising and getting to know all over again, the places I had grown to know and love, over the years, with my first wife who, unfortunately died on Christmas Day 2002.

This was after she had helped to save my own life, by nursing me back to full health over a period of nearly 3 years. I had undergone 2 major operations for mouth, tongue and throat cancer in 1999 and a series of minor ones as well.

I am re-married now to a lovely Thai lady, which has extended my travels enormously, as you can well imagine, especially as my brothers and sisters, together with all their grown up familes live in the North West of England and Dublin in Ireland.

So, yes, I can truthfully say, that I am doing far more now, that I am retired and living a far more active life than I ever was before retirement and I am enjoying every minute of it. It is all together a new life I have found.

Now to get back to my two websites. If you are a veteran webmaster, or a newcomer to website building, you may or may not be interested in taking a look at my website, as I make these site wide changes to it over the next few weeks.

It will take me that long and probably longer, as I will have to keep going back and forth to London.

Touring this fascinating city will be a must do on my list of top priorities, refreshing my memory, revisiting every place of interest, that I aready know so well, but the memory of which will certainly have faded with time.

This will also give me the opportunity to revise my historical knowledge of both London and England, as I revisit the museums.

It is a fascinating job which I really look forward to undertaking and one that I will be constantly updating in my blog/pages for the visitors to that website.

If however, you are interested in just taking a casual peek as I make the changes, you are more than welcome to come over and have a look,

As I start re-building the forms on my pages, you will be able to pass your own comments, or even write down your own experiences and reviews, of anywhere you may have visited in London. The more of you the merrier.

I do however, relize that most of you who visit this particular website, are not particularly interested in London, but come here because you are interested in building websites and online businesses, so have a look at how I am putting to use, this Fantastic New SBI BB 2 Tool both in changing A-London-Tourist-Guide and building this website, Best-Websitebuilders.

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