What Is A Blog

Everyone is Blogging. But what is a blog exactly?

The word blog is derived from web log which basically means online diary.

It is essentially a website, or part of a website, in which the owner regularly publishes fresh content called "posts," which they refer to as web pages.

It is a place where you can collect data about any topic whatsoever, sport, fashion, news, politics, anything at all, which is of interest to you, and then share it amongst family, friends and anyone else you would like to share it with, giving you your very own voice on the web.

You could even share your own most inner thoughts, if you had a mind to.

It can be used to publish breaking news by both professional and amateur journalists, sometimes with the ability to influence vast numbers of people in their thousands on a worldwide scale.

These posts which are open to visitor interaction in the form of comments, are arranged in chronological order, with the most recent post occupying the top of the main page, followed by the older posts in descending order.

If this continually updated, fresh content is of a high quality and both relevant and topical, it is loved by the search engines and quickly rises to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Blogs have become very popular, because they are:

  • Easy to do.
  • They have begun to look like real websites.
  • You are able to get one up quickly.
  • The Search Engines certainly do index them fast.

It is because of the similarity to a magazine (for the want of a better word), that blogs are very often looked upon as just online journals, diaries or logs.

It was with the arrival of "RSS" technology, that blogging really took off and was able to enter into the mainstream, because it alerts a person's blog followers, as to when his or her latest updated content has been posted, thus enabling these followers to subscribe to the latest content.

RSS is an excellent technology, which, by rapidly delivering time-sensitive information to both your visitors and the Search Engines, what was once the missing ingredient, has now become absolutely critical for blogging.

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