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Well! Just What Is Email Marketing Then?
Email marketing is a marketing process in which any given group of targeted people (from maybe just a handful to many thousands) receive commercial messages using electronic mail (email).

It is a popular and easy way to advertise, attract sales, request business or ask for donations (as in charitable oganizations) with the prime intention of building a loyal base of followers, with each of whom you can then build a strong customer relationship. People who will keep returning through trust in you and your brand.

With this effectively simple and affordable way of sending a professional looking email communication to current or previous customers, it is intended to enhance and encourage the relationship between the customer and merchant, thus attracting repeat business.

What is email Marketing - Common examples

  • Opt-in email marketing, where a merchant has received permission from prospective customers to receive these emails. This opting-in is a method whereby the recipient of the advertisement/newsletter has consented to receive it.

The opt-in principle is the practice of obtaining the recipient's permission to receive email. It is not an option either. It is a requirement. There are anti spam laws now in place in most countries, violation of which can incur heavy fines, or even imprisonment in some countries.

An example of how to aquire a person's permission to send emails, newsletters, ezines etc. is the subscription request form at the top right hand corner of this page. By this method anyone who completes the form is automatically enrolled in the company's database.

With this solid base of opted-in contact information /list, now stored in their database, email marketers can automatically send out their promotional materials in a form of marketing called email Drip Marketing used in conjunction with an autoresponder.

Newsletters which inform customers who have already made a purchase, of new products, promotions, upcoming events etc. It is common practice for the merchant company to request their customers permission at the time of purchase, if they would like to receive their newsletter.

It is now estimated that in the U.S. alone, the staggering sum of one and a half (1.5) billion dollars was spent last year (2011) on email marketing and will grow to just under two and a half billion (2.5) dollars by 2016.

With email marketing you are able to split up your database into various sections of interests, thereby creating several, smaller neater and easily managed customer lists.

It is in this way, that you will avoid sending email to people who, although they are on your list, do not have any special interest in the particular product or news you are trying to communicate to them. You will in no way then appear to be trying to dissemble messages to them by trying to conceal your true motive behind a false appearance.

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