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So exactly What is Google Adsense, and Google Adwords and how do you make money with Google?

Google adsense is a programme in which webmasters earn money each time a visitor to their site clicks on an advertisement placed on one of their pages by Google.

It is important however, that before you start promoting Google's Adsense site on the pages of your website, you must first of all fully understand how the programme works.

It is Google's main source of revenue, whereby they allow business webmasters to advertise their products or services.

This Adwords programme offers Pay-Per-Click(PPC), Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM) and Site Targeted Advertising, through Banners, Text and Rich Media advertising and these ads. appear on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) each time you perform a keyword search on Google.

You as a webmaster can participate in this programme and will be allowed to advertise the same AdWords that you see on the right hand side of Google's Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) on your own website. Google will then pay you a percentage (about 60%) of the revenue they earn, each time an ad on your website gets clicked. This programme is called Adsense.

When you submit your website to Google in order to get it spidered and listed, they use their advanced technology and algorithms in determining what the content on each one of your website's pages is about. They then place ads that are relevant to that content and deliver them to your visitors when they visit your site.

It is important to remember that the ads which Google will place on your page will be related to the content on your web page, which is focused on just one keyword and therefore more important contextually to the advert that Google will place on the page, rather than the overall content of your website.

  • * Note: Contextual advertising is a form of targeted advertisement which is related to the content which appears on websites or other media.

This underscores the importance of creating Keyword Focused Content Pages.

What Is Google Adsense and How Much Will You Earn with Adsence

Advertisers, as we explained earlier, pay Google to display their adverts on Google's search results pages and webmasters who have joined the Adsense programme, can display these same ads on their web pages and earn a percentage of the ad revenue Google receives from the advertiser, whenever anyone clicks on any one of those ads.

How much you earn depends on the fee the advertiser is paying Google for their particular ad. It can range from practically nothing to quite a considerable amount.

I think it was in the year 2010, I was looking at the sums of money London Hotel Advertisers were bidding for positions on some popular websites with very large targeted traffic. They were quite amazing, there were some bids at £15.

What the advertiser will pay for the ads on your particular pages will depend on how popular your niche is and the popularity of the keywords in your keyword focused content pages.

Therefore, the popularity of your niche and the keywords you use are measured by how many times they are searched for on the web. The highly competitive keywords that are continuously sought for should bring a higher return, earning you more for each click.

To make any money at all with your website, you must first of all have targeted traffic to it. We deal with how to build a high targeted traffic website Here, but in this article we will continue to stress the importance of creating good quality content (and plenty of it), that wows your visitors by giving them exactly what they want, making them come back for more and thus vastly increasing the chance of them clicking on your Adsence adverts.

To Make Money with Google Adsence, you must strictly adhere to what we have just oulined in the last paragraph, above anything else.

Create your website by OVERdelivering keyword-focused, quality content, which is relevant to your specific audience and the more quality content you provide, the MORE FREE TRAFFIC you will receive from the Search Engines.

If you researched your niche properly and have chosen a theme that you know very well, particularly one that you also love, you will have no problem at all in in producing a large amount of excellent content.

Building A Site That Gets The Click: What Is Google Adsense

BUT!! A Caveat!! It is easier for me to write about it, than it will be for you to build a successful website. It is hard work believe me.

However, I personally, thoroughly enjoy the work. I love it, which means all the hours I spend on it is more of a pleasure.

So if you want to build your own website, it certainly is NOT a get rich quick scheme. However, if you are serious about it and you are prepared to work hard and to be patient, probably waiting for several months to become recognised, You will succeed.

Always remember though, the time you spend now creating relevant, high quality content, will be there for a lifetime, earning you a commission on your affiliate links, your referrals and Google Adsence.

You are now in the process of building a business for life. If you want to start earning straight away then this is not for you. If you are determined however, the building process can be extremely enjoyable and the rewards very high indeed.

If at first it seems to take you forever creating those first few pages, don't worry, once you have those first few under your belt, your production of content will seem to take on a life of it's own.

Before you know it you will be able to Provide your visitors with Quality Content! Quality Content! Quality Content!

Keep producing it, no matter how much time you may have with other commitments. You may only have one hour per week to spare or you may have one hundred. No matter. Use the time wisely by producing high quality content, which is relevant to your audience.

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